Date: April 30, 2016

Episode II – It Was A Very Good Morning America

On Episode II of Beltway Banthas, we take some time to discuss news of the day. By time you hear this the news will be a few weeks old, but we wanted to share with you our reactions and thoughts on Rogue One.

As quick as it came it went. The first trailer for Rogue One debuted on Good Morning America and we at Beltway Banthas had some things to say about it.

We discuss the content of the trailer, go over some of the theories surrounding what is seen, and talk about other upcoming stand alone films. What stand alone film do YOU want to see? Tweet us @BeltwayBanthas 

Episode I – Pilot

The first episode of Beltway Banthas is here! We welcome you and are excited to talk Star Wars with a dash of politics.

In this pilot episode we, the hosts, want to introduce ourselves to you! Tirso Perez  & Stephen Kent are the Beltway Banthas and we invite you to become one as well in our biweekly podcast. In this episode we talk about the vision of the show, what it will be…and what it won’t be. We also discuss our fandom, experiences growing up with Star Wars and our favorite music from the series.  In this first discussion we talk about where Star Wars is today, whats coming and what we are excited about (Episode VIII anyone?).

We hope you enjoy this discussion and tune in for our upcoming episodes on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and the Politics of Star Wars: The Senate.  There are some exciting interviews coming up with guests from the DC area, some you may recognize, some you may not. Either way, the Force will be discussed in a whole new way and we hope you’ll come along for the ride.

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