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Interview with Kristen Soltis Anderson


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For the first interview episode of Beltway Banthas, Stephen talks to co-host of The Pollsters podcast, Kristen Soltis Anderson.

Kristen is co-founder of Echelon Insights, the author of The Selfie Vote, a contributor on Fox, CNN and MSNBC and has made appearances on The Bill Maher Show as well! Did she go toe to toe with the Bernie Sanders’ finger wag? Duh!
Stephen and Kristen discuss her fandoms beginnings, how she has grown as a Star Wars fan in politics and also touch on polling in regards to Star Wars.

You can reach Kristen @KSoltisAnderson or her podcast @ThePollsters. We highly recommend you subscribe to her show for the best in weekly political polling insights.




Episode IV: Mourn Them Do Not

On episode IV of Beltway Banthas, Stephen and Tirso talk death & Star Wars. Stephen’s grandfather passed away a few backs ago, and we felt this was a good time to talk about it. No better place to do so than on this podcast. If there is one thing the Star Wars saga can guarantee you, it is systematic and cyclical heartbreak, starting with Qui-Gon and ending most recently with Han Solo. “Death is a natural part of life” and so it is a natural part of Star Wars. Which Star Wars deaths have impacted you the most? Has Star Wars helped you deal with the loss of a loved one?

Also! We preview our interview with with Kristen Soltis Anderson (Fox, CNN and MSNBC contributor) Kristen co-founded a DC polling firm, authored The Selfie Vote and has guested a couple times on The Bill Maher Show.

If you have some thoughts, reactions or questions about this episode…please email us at…we want to hear from you.
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Coming this Friday

Our first of many politico interviews, starting with Kristen Soltis Anderson. We talk politics, Star Wars and everything in between.


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Episode III: I Am The Senate

Thanks for tuning in to episode III of Beltway Banthas! It’s been a crazy week and this is coming to you on STAR WARS DAY 2016. No better time to release this podcast.

On this episode, we discuss some of the latest Star Wars news and chatter about Rogue One. Then, as promised, we get around to some politics.
Stephen leads the show on an exploration of the Galactic Senate. How does it work? Why is there gridlock and an inability to get things done? This will be the first of many topical discussions on the politics of Star Wars and we hope you enjoy it.
Did we miss anything you think should have been discussed? Let us know and we will touch on

Emo Kylo Ren performance inspired by @KyloR3n :

Referenced in this episode:
Vox: The Galactic Senate Needed A Minority Party –…nate-minority-party by Seth Masket

The Delegation of 2000 meet (Episode III deleted scene):…



Happy Star Wars Day!

Hello Banthas! We are super thrilled to be rolling out this new podcast on Star Wars Day 2016. Episodes 1-2 are live for your enjoyment. This podcast will be live on iTunes within the next day or two, and in the meantime we hope you will subscribe to our RSS feed or follow the show on SoundCloud.

Episode 3: “I Am The Senate”  will go live this weekend and be our first foray into explaining the complex yet beautifully archetypal politics of Star Wars. We are excited to give this topic the time it deserves and bring you, the listener, insightful conversations with guests in and around the DC beltway.

Our first interview will be with Kristen Soltis Anderson, a prominent DC pollster, Fox, MSNBC and CNN contributor and host of the hit podcast The Pollsters.  We will discuss her fandom as well as Star Wars impact on politics and known polling data about the franchise since 1977.

We hope you’ll come along for the ride. May the Fourth be with you. 


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