Hello Banthas! We are super thrilled to be rolling out this new podcast on Star Wars Day 2016. Episodes 1-2 are live for your enjoyment. This podcast will be live on iTunes within the next day or two, and in the meantime we hope you will subscribe to our RSS feed or follow the show on SoundCloud.

Episode 3: “I Am The Senate”  will go live this weekend and be our first foray into explaining the complex yet beautifully archetypal politics of Star Wars. We are excited to give this topic the time it deserves and bring you, the listener, insightful conversations with guests in and around the DC beltway.

Our first interview will be with Kristen Soltis Anderson, a prominent DC pollster, Fox, MSNBC and CNN contributor and host of the hit podcast The Pollsters.  We will discuss her fandom as well as Star Wars impact on politics and known polling data about the franchise since 1977.

We hope you’ll come along for the ride. May the Fourth be with you.