Thank you for tuning in for another installment of Beltway Banthas, a Star Wars podcast at the intersection of Coruscant & Washington DC.

On this weeks episode, Stephen break s down his time at AwesomeCon 2016 that brought Kevin Smith and a million Kylo Rens to the nations capital. Stephen assembled a special assembly of the DC Jedi Council for a round table chat about Star Wars fandom. He was joined by Kristen Soltis Anderson (The Pollsters podcast & author of ‘The Selfie Vote’) and Mike Shields (President of the American Action Network, fmr Chief of Staff of the RNC and Communications Director for Newt Gingrich). We had a great time discussing the films, the politics of the prequels and digging into the role political parties play in a functioning republic.

This has been an emotional week for many. Stephen dishes some thoughts on the state of our union and how we can help our friends in Orlando: 

Be good to each other. Love really, truly, always wins.


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