Month: October 2016

Episode XV: Star Wars Propaganda

Hello There! And welcome new listeners and long time listeners alike; to the 15th Episode of Beltway Banthas. We had the privilege this week of getting to read Pablo Hidalgo’s new book titled ‘Star Wars: Propaganda’ which offers a detailed look into the journey of the galaxy, through the eyes of propagandists and artists from around the Star Wars universe. And we take the time to discuss some major points, as well as aspects of the book that we found interesting regarding propaganda.
Our guest today is Brittany Hunter; persuasive art expert who is well versed in the area of Nazi propaganda. And we have a brief chat with her on the science of persuasive art.
So sit back! And enjoy this week’s episode of Beltway Banthas

Exicted for Star Wars Propaganda by Pablo Hidalgo? Order online here:…ive/dp/0062466828

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Guest Brittany @Britt_The_wit

Interview: Eric Geller of POLTICO

Stephen sits down to chat with Eric Geller of POLITICO pro, Cybersecurity writer and well known Star Wars aficionado.

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Ep XIV: Sounding Like A Separatist

Hello there. This is the 14th episode of Beltway Banthas, now proudly a member of the RetroZap family and podcast network! We are really excited for this next chapter in the podcast as we continue to explore the politics of Star Wars, and how Star Wars has impacted our own worlds politics. That is what this show is all about!!

Our guest today is Mike O’ Connor, author of the piece “Sounding Like a Separatist” (Retrozap, Newsweek, RawStory) which offers a liberal interpretation of the Star Wars story. We loved the piece and brought Mike on to talk about it and have some fun banter around the topic.

Beltway Banthas is a non-partisan podcast and we are committed to journeying through the many layers of Star Wars fandom and the sagas inner workings. We are committed to respectful, fun and honest discourse. No posturing. Star Wars is for everyone and there is room for lots of interpretations. Except for Mace Windu is Snoke. That may be a bridge too far. 

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