It’s time again form Star Wars politics! This week Swara and guest host Carly Lane (Nerdist, Syfywire, Supergirl Radio) delve into the history, political philosophy and escapades of the leader of the Rebel Alliance, Mon Mothma.

Senator/Chancellor/Commander-in-Chief Mon Mothma has been through and seen it all in the Star Wars universe. From her time in the Old Republic, denouncing Palpatine’s authority and to her leadership of the Rebellion to founding the New Republic, Mon Mothma’s life provides the definitive lens through which to view the political history of the Galaxy. Swara and Carly discuss her origins, motivations and all-around awesomeness in this illuminating episode. We also discuss Carly’s recent article in Syfywire on the diverse strength of women in Star Wars (especially with Padme Amidala), the role Carrie Fisher/General Leia will have in future Star Wars properties and much more.



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