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Interview: Andrew Heaton (Reason TV)

Andrew Heaton is a comedian in NYC who is a growing staple of libertarian media. He worked with John Stossel at Fox Business and now at Reason Magazine working on The Mostly Weekly Show. Andrew is an incredibly funny guy and uniquely deep Star Wars fan that go on and on with anyone about the politics, philosophy and humor at length.

He has a voice for radio and TV that could have only been made by Zeus himself and it was really great to get his take on Star Wars humor and more. Andrew shares his fondness of Ewoks, why he thinks Jar Jar fell flat and Obi Wan’s comedic sensibility.

We also talk about where politics and science fiction collide, and if stories thrive when politics are put first rather than second.



Ep #33: The Politics of Thrawn

This week, Stephen and Swara are joined by good friend of the show, blogger at and, Ross Brown! We discuss the politics of Timothy Zahn’s novel Thrawn. The Banthas discuss insights into Imperial social hierarchy, the Empire’s alien policy, the meteoric rise of Grand Admiral Thrawn and Governor Pryce and much more! 



We also discuss what we think of Colin Trevorrow directing episode IX after his latest film has been trashed by critics, delve into our Bantha Fodder, and much more on this packed episode!

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Interview: Dave Summers (Americans For Prosperity)

This weeks interview is with Dave Summers of Americans for Prosperity, a grassroots organization affiliated with the Koch brothers. Dave is a huge Star Wars fan and a Governor Tarkin enthusiast. Stephen and Dave talk about his fandoms roots, why Tarkin is so awesome and how a strong corporate culture like that of the Koch’s could have helped Tarkin succeed in his most desperate hour.



Ep #32: The Politics of Disney (ft. Amy Ratcliffe)

Is Star Wars different in the era of Disney? In this episode we look at how the internal politics of Disney impact creative and business choices for Star Wars. Amy Ratcliffe of Lattes With Leia joins us for the discussion and shares her insights on how Disney functions and what motivates their thinking on issues of the day. 

Listen to the episode HERE

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Ep #31: Money In Galactic Politics (Part I)

Stephen and Swara discuss the role of money in politics in the Star Wars universe. The discussion covers the role of the Trade Federation in The Phantom Menace, and how the concern of money in politics is plays out in our own world.

Listen to the new episode HERE

George Lucas’ message in prequel trilogy on the dangers of money in politics was pretty clear. We discuss the roots of that message and how average Americans feel about this issue. Stephen and Swara also touch upon some real world political news, read a listener e-mail on Mon Mothma and offer their regular bantha fodder.

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Interview: Ben Domenech (The Federalist)

This week on Beltway Banthas we continue our interview series, where one of our hosts interview someone of note who works in or around politics about their fandom of Star Wars. 

Hear the interview HERE

Stephen went to Hillsdale College’s Kirby Center to chat with Ben Domenech, host of The Federalist Radio Hour and publisher of The Federalist. We talk about Ben’s deep Star Wars roots, why Star Wars continues to be culturally compelling and also a bit about The Federalist’s approach to content and Star Wars. I ask him about their piece on Galen Erso and the Death Star as an historical parallel to America’s founding and monster of slavery. Ben and I also talk about Porkins, yes Porkins…as well as The Last Jedi, morality of super-weapons and why R2-D2 is his favorite character.


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Ep #30: Mon Mothma – A Life of Public Service

It’s time again form Star Wars politics! This week Swara and guest host Carly Lane (Nerdist, Syfywire, Supergirl Radio) delve into the history, political philosophy and escapades of the leader of the Rebel Alliance, Mon Mothma.

Senator/Chancellor/Commander-in-Chief Mon Mothma has been through and seen it all in the Star Wars universe. From her time in the Old Republic, denouncing Palpatine’s authority and to her leadership of the Rebellion to founding the New Republic, Mon Mothma’s life provides the definitive lens through which to view the political history of the Galaxy. Swara and Carly discuss her origins, motivations and all-around awesomeness in this illuminating episode. We also discuss Carly’s recent article in Syfywire on the diverse strength of women in Star Wars (especially with Padme Amidala), the role Carrie Fisher/General Leia will have in future Star Wars properties and much more.



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Ep #29: Star Wars Military (Live panel from SWCO)

Our good friend John Liang (@JuanJohnJedi) was in Orlando for Star Wars Celebration (SWCO), where he was part of a panel discussing the military history of the Star Wars universe. He joined Thomas Harper, who led the panel, and Jason Fry to discuss the galaxy’s history of military engagement, background on weapons and armaments, military justice in the Star Wars universe, and more!

Follow these panelists on Twitter for more insight on the military history of Star Wars! John Liang @JuanJohnJedi | Thomas Harper @ThomasLHarper | Jason Fry @JasonCFry We’ve also got more Celebration banter! Swara also discusses his trip to Orlando and the highlights from Star Wars Celebration and we dig into The Last Jedi teaser trailer! After the military panel, we dish out our Bantha Fodder and have an impromptu Crackpot or Jackpot!

Ep #28: Budgets, Bombs & Bankers

This week we’re discussing the most exciting and most invigorating you could think of: budgets! Specifically, military appropriations and government spending in the Star Wars universe! We’re joined by our friend John Liang, military journalist and mega Star Wars fan, to discuss how fiscal battles played out during the Clone Wars, and how we see that in our own politics. We also discuss John and Swara’s upcoming trip to STAR WARS CELEBRATION ORLANDO (!!!), Rogue One playing on Air Force One, President Trump’s potential military escalation with Syria, and so much more! Follow our guest John Liang on Twitter @JuanJohnJedi!


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No character captures intergalactic and real world politics better than Padme Amidala Naberrie of Naboo. This week we dive into the political ideals of Padme and also her legacy with fans. Allyson Gronowitz (The Mary Sue, Polygon) joins the show to help break down why Padme is beloved, but also divisive for so many fans. Spoiler: It has something to do with politics. Perfect for an episode of Beltway Banthas!

We also review some Star Wars themed political ads out of a Congressional race in Georgia and a mayoral race in Memphis. These are funny clips you won’t want to miss. Lastly, Swara and Stephen share their thoughts on Star Wars Rebels, Darth Maul, fandom and the National Endowment for the Arts.

Follow our guest Allyson Gronowitz on Twitter @TheFakeFanGirl

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