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It’s our second Comicon panel! Stephen and Swara are joined by friend of the show Nick Dicolandrea of Coffee With Kenobi to discuss “Star Wars goes to Washington,” and a bit of the international perspective of Star Wars as well.

In our live panel at Oak City Comic-Con, we discuss political use of Star Wars from the 1980s to modern day, why it resonates with people of various political persuasions, and we even delve into some international political perceptions of Star Wars. In the Q&A section, our awesome audience joined us in a conversation of topics such as: Who in politics reminds of Galen Erso, and how do we think of the term “rebel” in the context of being in the American South. Take a listen and be part of the ongoing conversation on the politics of Star Wars!

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Force Friday: A Force For Good

Hello Banthas! This is a special release of Beltway Banthas that we are excited for you to hear. Stephen has a chat with James Floyd (Club Jade, Big Shiny Robot and StarWars.com), the “force” behind the #WearStarWarsEveryday project.

Find out more and get involved at www.GoFundMe.com/WearStarWars2016 and if you contribute, do so ON FRIDAY September 30th. Mention Beltway Banthas in your submission. We want to show the podcast world what awesome listeners we have on this show.

May the Force be with you!



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