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This week Stephen and Swara discuss the key points of the article “Star Wars Politics Part Two: The Right Side Strikes Back.” How does the franchise reach out to and inspire conservative audiences? Did Star Wars take any inspiration from family values, limited government, and other issues on the political right? 

Also on this weeks jam packed episode: We connect with our friend Michael O’Connor (@oconnoblog) on his article “Phantom Menaces: Star Wars Tribalism.” We also discuss the Women’s March and the presence of Princess/General Leia on the resistance and feminist signs, the new Episode VIII title The Last Jedi and much more. This extra long episode of Beltway Banthas is one you won’t want to miss.

Ep XIV: Sounding Like A Separatist

Hello there. This is the 14th episode of Beltway Banthas, now proudly a member of the RetroZap family and podcast network! We are really excited for this next chapter in the podcast as we continue to explore the politics of Star Wars, and how Star Wars has impacted our own worlds politics. That is what this show is all about!!

Our guest today is Mike O’ Connor, author of the piece “Sounding Like a Separatist” (Retrozap, Newsweek, RawStory) which offers a liberal interpretation of the Star Wars story. We loved the piece and brought Mike on to talk about it and have some fun banter around the topic.

Beltway Banthas is a non-partisan podcast and we are committed to journeying through the many layers of Star Wars fandom and the sagas inner workings. We are committed to respectful, fun and honest discourse. No posturing. Star Wars is for everyone and there is room for lots of interpretations. Except for Mace Windu is Snoke. That may be a bridge too far. 

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