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To inaugurate 25 episodes of Beltway Banthas, we sit down to talk about the evolution of the podcast. In a fun and free-wheeling conversation we share some of our favorite moments doing this show and what we have learned along the way.

Also on the menu for this weeks episode, Stephen and Swara dig into Star Wars news and updates including The Last Jedi, Empires End and the upcoming Thrawn novel. Swara is not a fan of the Aftermath trilogy, he explains why. Stephen shares how he is missing out on a chance to hang with Snoop Dogg, and goes over a few upcoming changes with work and the podcast.


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Episode XII: The Politics of Harrison Ford

This week on Beltway Banthas, the politics of Harrison Ford. The actor behind Han Solo is mysterious, edgy and also a warm hearted, committed activist. We have long been fascinated by the work Ford has done outside of acting, whether is it environmental work, documentaries, speaking gigs with the Clintons or saving lost hikers in his helicopter.

To better understand Ford, we welcome to the show the hosts of The Fordcast Podcast, Lauren Milberger and Rachel Leishman. They run a fantastic podcast that chronicles the career of Ford in a thoughtful and comedic package.
Check out The Fordcast Podcast and follow them on Twitter @TheFordcastPC @RachelLeishman and @LaurenMilberger

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May the Force be with you!



OMG one more day till Star Wars Celebration Europe 2016! Also known to the cool kids of Twitter as#SWCE. On this weeks episode we have a little extra fun in the spirit of Celebration. Joined by friend of the show, Michael Nitz, the Beltway Banthas talk over some of the schedule, what may happen at Celebration, what will be revealed? Rogue One gets a new trailer this Friday. Intrigue abounds.

Will you be at #SWCE over the weekend? Stephen and Tirso couldn’t make it but our Senior Foreign Correspondent Swara Salih will be roaming the convention.
Find him on Twitter @SwaraSalih1

Also look out for livestreams from the convention on our Facebook

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Episode VII: I Love Democracy

“I love democracy, I love the Republic.” Little did the Senate know but Chancellor Palpatine had his fingers crossed. How do democracies descend into tyranny is the primary question of our new episode. Star Wars is riddled with history from ancient Rome, France, Germany and ties to contemporary American politics.  Beltway Banthas welcomes to the show David Barnes, Policy Director at Generation Opportunity , an experienced political professional and student of Plato’s writings on democracy in ancient Greece.

The show received exclusive audio from the lair of Emperor Trumpatine himself, its FANTASTIC and you won’t wanna miss it. You can hear from from our overlord Emperor Trumpatine on Twitter @RealTrumpatine . The show is joined by the first addition to our team, Swara Salih, located in the UK and reporting to us as Senior Foreign Correspondant on “Brexit”, the British exit from the EU. Swara wrote a piece on our website you must check out to know how Star Wars can make sense of this news in Europe.

Star Wars Can Make Sense of Brexit: http://beltwaybanthas.com/2016/06/26/brexit-star-wars-can-make-sense-of-britain-leaving-the-eu/

Please do leave us a review on your podcatcher! Send us an email of feedback or a question to beltwaybanthas@gmail.com
We WANT to hear from you and get to know our listeners.

As usual you can find us online at www.BeltwayBanthas.com
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Episode IV: Mourn Them Do Not

On episode IV of Beltway Banthas, Stephen and Tirso talk death & Star Wars. Stephen’s grandfather passed away a few backs ago, and we felt this was a good time to talk about it. No better place to do so than on this podcast. If there is one thing the Star Wars saga can guarantee you, it is systematic and cyclical heartbreak, starting with Qui-Gon and ending most recently with Han Solo. “Death is a natural part of life” and so it is a natural part of Star Wars. Which Star Wars deaths have impacted you the most? Has Star Wars helped you deal with the loss of a loved one?

Also! We preview our interview with with Kristen Soltis Anderson (Fox, CNN and MSNBC contributor) Kristen co-founded a DC polling firm, authored The Selfie Vote and has guested a couple times on The Bill Maher Show.

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Episode II – It Was A Very Good Morning America

On Episode II of Beltway Banthas, we take some time to discuss news of the day. By time you hear this the news will be a few weeks old, but we wanted to share with you our reactions and thoughts on Rogue One.

As quick as it came it went. The first trailer for Rogue One debuted on Good Morning America and we at Beltway Banthas had some things to say about it.

We discuss the content of the trailer, go over some of the theories surrounding what is seen, and talk about other upcoming stand alone films. What stand alone film do YOU want to see? Tweet us @BeltwayBanthas 

Episode I – Pilot

The first episode of Beltway Banthas is here! We welcome you and are excited to talk Star Wars with a dash of politics.

In this pilot episode we, the hosts, want to introduce ourselves to you! Tirso Perez  & Stephen Kent are the Beltway Banthas and we invite you to become one as well in our biweekly podcast. In this episode we talk about the vision of the show, what it will be…and what it won’t be. We also discuss our fandom, experiences growing up with Star Wars and our favorite music from the series.  In this first discussion we talk about where Star Wars is today, whats coming and what we are excited about (Episode VIII anyone?).

We hope you enjoy this discussion and tune in for our upcoming episodes on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and the Politics of Star Wars: The Senate.  There are some exciting interviews coming up with guests from the DC area, some you may recognize, some you may not. Either way, the Force will be discussed in a whole new way and we hope you’ll come along for the ride.

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