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Ep X: Wherefore Art Thou Daisy Ridley

Welcome back friends & banthas! This weeks episode is packed with Star Wars & politics fun. Our UK contributor Swara Salih is LIVE with us in DC.

First we lead we dig into the story last week that Daisy Ridley left Instagram after backlash from a “political” statement on gun violence. The latest is that she says she got off Instagram to be away from a phone more, but the timing does suggest she needed to step away from the onslaught of negativity.
Daisy is an intensely positive force online. We hope she comes back!

We are also joined by Bria LaVorgna of Tosche Station to talk about the role of monarchies in Star Wars. There are kings & queens galore. Why?
Find Bria on Twitter at @ChaosBRia

Lastly, Crackpot or Jackpot? Rey Palpatine…..
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May the Force be with you!

Episode VII: I Love Democracy

“I love democracy, I love the Republic.” Little did the Senate know but Chancellor Palpatine had his fingers crossed. How do democracies descend into tyranny is the primary question of our new episode. Star Wars is riddled with history from ancient Rome, France, Germany and ties to contemporary American politics.  Beltway Banthas welcomes to the show David Barnes, Policy Director at Generation Opportunity , an experienced political professional and student of Plato’s writings on democracy in ancient Greece.

The show received exclusive audio from the lair of Emperor Trumpatine himself, its FANTASTIC and you won’t wanna miss it. You can hear from from our overlord Emperor Trumpatine on Twitter @RealTrumpatine . The show is joined by the first addition to our team, Swara Salih, located in the UK and reporting to us as Senior Foreign Correspondant on “Brexit”, the British exit from the EU. Swara wrote a piece on our website you must check out to know how Star Wars can make sense of this news in Europe.

Star Wars Can Make Sense of Brexit: http://beltwaybanthas.com/2016/06/26/brexit-star-wars-can-make-sense-of-britain-leaving-the-eu/

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