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This week Beltway Banthas was joined by Tamara Keith & Scott Detrow of the NPR Politics Podcast.

In a conversation any political and public radio junkie won’t want to miss, we dive into the politics of Star Wars and some of Star Wars most enduring cultural themes that resonate with people from 1977 to today.

We start by catching up with friend of the show and White House Correspondent for NPR, Tamara Keith, previously featured for a interview on Beltway Banthas. She shares her thoughts on Rogue One the finality of its characters, Tarkin’s reanimation and her experience seeing the movie. Later we’re joined by Scott Detrow, who Congress for NPR. These two are well known for their Star Wars fandom and they didn’t disappoint. We discuss the confusing aspects of Star Wars politics, Rogue One’s political message (intended and unintended), the role of Disney in Star Wars future and also the political parallels from Star Wars to today.

We want to thank NPR, Scott Detrow and Tamara Keith for welcoming us into their studio and sharing their insights with us about politics and Star Wars. It was a real blast and we hope you enjoy the conversation.
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Interview: Tamara Keith (NPR Politics)

Hello banthas! This week we are happy to bring to you an interview with Tamara Keith, White House Correspondent for NPR and co-host of the NPR Politics podcast. Tamara is a HUGE Star Wars fan and we have a fun discussion about her fandom, her thoughts on new films, old films, Leia, Emperor Trumpatine and more.

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